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prettysmartcool's Journal

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Welcome to Prettysmartcool. We're a not a harsh rating community, infact we only rate just so we know that you'll be compatible with the rest of the members in the long run. We don't judge soley on looks, infact we judge about 5% on looks and 95% on personality/music/interests.

- Put your all into the application, don't just take 5 or so minutes on it, it needs time so don't try and complete it before you're supposed to be somewhere.
- Your application must be 'Friends Only' we do this so non members can't try and vote or steal things from your answers to use against you.
- In the subject line simply put "I read the rules" so we know that you actually took time to read what's needed of you.
- If rejected don't worry, you can reapply after 3 days.
- Please post your application within 3 days of joining, it helps us suss out who's lurking and who's genuinely interested in joining.
- Please do NOT comment or post anything until you've been stamped. You can comment people if you've been asked to sway them but constant 'thankyou's' makes it hard to count the votes.

- All your posts must be 'Friends Only'
- Be honest to the applicants but don't be too harsh, this community isn't just about looks, so if you really like the person but you don't think they're pretty don't vote no. Give reasons for your voting.
- Put 'Stamped/(numberofpoints)' in the subject line everytime you post so I know what you need to be given
- You need to earn at least 50 points by the end of the month, it's not that hard. If you don't have enough points you will be removed from the community. You can reapply but you MUST be active.



Choose an application from the 3 below. Please take your time on which ever you choose because you will be judged on how much effort you put into it.

Application 1 - For the opinionated of us all

Application 2 - For the Music and Film lovers!

Application 3 - For those who like to have fun!