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2nd-Jul-2007 05:13 pm - MOD POST
naked antoinette
the points have been updated

here is an important thing for you all
PLEASE stamp each post with the points that you deserve for each
it is your responsibility to know how many points you deserve.

28th-Jun-2007 01:16 pm(no subject)
naked antoinette
the points have been updated.
I am now updated the members page and points page to add/delete people that are not/are there that have just joined or left

IF YOU DONT SEE YOURSELF THERE, please let me know
26th-Jun-2007 06:12 pm - coloring contest
.colored.in.Collapse )

♥Tara Nichole
22nd-Jun-2007 07:16 am(no subject)
naked antoinette
Sorry I haven't been around. My dog died yesterday so I'm really not in the mood to do things.

I updated the members page if you would please go there and tell me if you don't see you.

We are in need a points value page
16th-Jun-2007 09:12 am(no subject)
naked antoinette
Hey guys, I have added a points page so you know how many points you have
I don't know about a points exchange yet, need to set that up. I was wondering if any of you had an idea of what you would want to exchange your points for?

Anyway just wanted to let you know of my other community ohnegleichen
12th-Jun-2007 11:13 am - PROMO BANNERS
naked antoinette
here are some banners I made for the community
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